How To Design Your Dream Home



With so many options out there and the big price tag that comes with decorating your home it can be overwhelming. We all want to spend our money wisely and have a home that is beautiful, functional and fits our personal style. Here is a few ways you can help your self achieve that.

  1. Get Ideas. With so many places out there to get ideas this may be the easiest step. But, figuring out exactly what you like is also the most important step. So  whether you like perusing Pinterest or watching HGTV, take some time to look around and find a few styles you love.
  2. Set A Budget. Now its time to figure out how much you can spend and where you can spend it. Planning out your project is a very important next step in the process. You don’t want to spend all your money on  one thing and end up unhappy with everything else.
  3. Find Something You Love. Before you pick any colors for your room pick a piece that will help you make all your color and design choices. Whether it is a curtain, rug, or piece of art it doesn’t matter. You just have to love it and then use it to develop your color and design scheme. Only pick colors and patterns that compliment that piece and the whole room will fall into place.
  4. Call Us. If you still feel overwhelmed by the process its time to call a professional. Give us a call and we can schedule a design consultation to help you figure it out.